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BREAKING: Report- Canucks To Hire Tortorella?

The Vancouver Province is reporting that recently fired New York Rangers coach John Tortorella will be announced as the new head coach of the Vancouver Canucks. This would come on the day that the Rangers officially introduced the man replacing him, Alain Vigneault, as their new head coach.

Justin K. Aller

It came down to two names really, LA assistant coach John Stevens and the fiery Tortorella, and it looks like GM Mike Gillis and team owner Francesco Aquallini have made their decision. Tortorella is reportedly en route to Vancouver as we pass this along to you, having already gone through two interviews for the position left vacant after the team relieved Vigneault following a 2nd straight 1st round playoff exit.

Tortorella led the Tampa Bay Lightning to a Stanley Cup in 2004, but failed to achieve the same results in New York in spite of some big name acquisitions like Rick Nash and Brad Richards. Tortorella is probably best known for what is kindly described as a 'fiery' temper, especially when it comes to dealing with the media, and a no BS attitude with his players, which we saw in the playoffs when he scratched Brad Richards in an elimination game against the Boston Bruins. We will update this as news becomes available. In the meantime, this calls for a poll...