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Canucks Player Autopsy: Tom Sestito

Sharpen your scalpels and snap on a pair of rubber gloves: it's time to dissect the Canucks 2013 season on a player-by-player basis. You might want to wear facial protection, this could get messy.

Tom Szczerbowski

Who's this guy?

Tom Sestito

Position: Face puncher

Shoots: L


Weight: 228lbs

Born: Rome, NY (near Utica, which is convenient)

History: Inexplicably claimed off waivers from Philadelphia after the Canucks waived Aaron Volpatti, a slightly-less-poor man’s Tom Sestito.

What'd he do?

He punched seven faces – Brian McGrattan (loss), Ryan Reaves (draw), Mike Rupp (loss), McGrattan again (loss), Jordan Nolan (win), Jay Harrison (win) and Stu Bickel (loss). He also had awful possession numbers and added a goal in his 23 games as a Canuck, posting a -3 rating with 53 penalty minutes. Allegedly also struck fear in the heart of opponents, which is super important, apparently, since he got two years guaranteed the other week.

So was he any good?

No. I’m on record as not seeing the point in Sestito. I’m sure he’s a chill bro, but the Canucks have more pressing needs than a 13th forward or goon, so tying up the cap space now, in an offseason that will require some dancing around the cap, is silly. He’s also not very good, even as far as scrappers go, and I think the Canucks would have been better served earmarking the money for a better player who can also fight (they exist).

What'd we like?

This was pretty funny: And then, there’s the face punching:

Cool. So what did we hate?

Nothing about the man himself, just the principle that a team needs a guy like that, and is willing to guarantee him money. I don’t see the argument that he’s from near Utica and is thus pegged for the AHL, because even though his deal is small enough that it won’t count against the cap if he’s sent down, if that were the handshake agreement they could have waited until when cap flexibility isn’t as key. Also, he’s pretty bad.

So what now?

Nothing, really. He’s got a two-year extension to play the fourth line, fight some dudes, and perhaps be the hometown guy for the new AHL outfit. It’s not bad work if you can get it.