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Canucks Sign Joacim Eriksson

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Nothing official yet? Well, there is THIS . Looks like Eddie Lack has a compatriot in the system.

Stephen Dunn

UPDATE : With this, I am taking the reportedly off the title. Canucks confirm it today

I admit to not being as fully engaged in Canuck news, but I didn't miss us signing another goaltender, did I?

It seems that Mike Gillis has found one by signing Joacim Eriksson ( pronounciation please, native speakers, or maybe he'll get on twitter like our other Swedish goaltending prospect and we can find out there... ) a 6'1", 190 pounder who was drafted in 2008 by Philadelphia, 196th overall in the 7th round.

You never know with goaltenders and draft rankings, but in the top Swedish league last year, he had a 1.67 GAA and .931 save %, on his way to a 21-9-0 record with 5 shutouts.

Two things I like. In his eliteprospects page, they laud his being athletic and having great reflexes, and the second, when you read that page ( and the SEL is like soccer in Europe, you can be relegated, and their are higher and lower divisions. He was in the top level, for your information... ) you see that he improved every year.

Oh, and a bonus observattion ( three! ) , check out those numbers in 10 playoff games last year : 1.06 GAA and a .952 save %

Screw YOU and your "goaltender factories" Finland.