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Stanley Cup Semi-Finals Open Thread

Linden, Mogilny and Naslund celebrate the game-winning goal against the Hawks in Game 5
Linden, Mogilny and Naslund celebrate the game-winning goal against the Hawks in Game 5

Wondering about the image associated with this post? Well let's just say that I like my alone time. My quiet time. For me, being married with two young kids, that alone time comes late at right now for instance. A week ago I went into "create a team" mode in NHL 13. I created a team called the Vancouver Giants, as the game would not let me use the name Canucks in that mode. No big deal. But what I decided to do was create a Canucks team consisting of Canucks legends of my own recollection. That would be the 80's and beyond. Thankfully I also had the option of creating the Canucks' skate jersey, which is easily their best of all time.

Creating that team consisted of multiple hours of creating players, which involves creation of appearance and attributes. My Canucks legends team looks like this:


Mogilny - Linden - Naslund

Bure - Ronning - Gradin

Bertuzzi - Smyl - Geoff Courtnall

Rota - Morrison - Gelinas


Jovanovski - Ohlund

Hedican - Lidster

Snepsts - Lumme




Tiger Williams, Dave Babych, Toni Tanti.

Greg Adams, who was THE SHIT in his day by the way, has a shoulder injury as a result of destroying a Hawk. So Morrison drew in.

It's a blast to insert this team into the playoff mode and give 'er. The majority of you may think I am nuts. But the role-playing folks may understand. The old school Canucks fans may understand as well.

Naslund gets knocked over easily, but his excellent wrister is proving to be gold. Todd Bertuzzi destroys all in his path. He keeps destroying Patrick Kane but cannot injure him.*$#!


I really like the top 4 teams left in the 2013 NHL Playoffs. Both series intrigue me. The Penguins-Bruins series holds a serious edge though. From what I am reading, most peeps predict a Penguins-Blackhawks final. I would love to see that. I would love for the Hawks to beat the damned Penguins to avenge the 1992 Finals loss, which held the best Finals game I ever saw, by the way (game 4). But it consisted of diving shitheads like Mario Lemieux and Larry Murphy. The best team won in the end, easily, beyond all the shameful diving and other antics.

But how about the Bruins beat the Penguins? I see this as a huge possibility. The Kings beating Chicago? Nah I don't think so.

There is a lot of talk that it would be good if the Hawks and Penguins made the Finals to preserve whatever is left of skilled hockey being successful. I agree with that. The Kings, and their uber-defensive play are not allowed to win again. This is where I understand Mike Gillis' frustration with the obstruction rules not being enforced. The NHL had a vision several years ago to cater to the skilled players and that has not come to fruition. Kudos to the players for finding loopholes and to the refs for being the inconsistent idiot zebras that they are.


This is a hockey-off topic thread after all.....

-I have not been on Twitter Shitter for over a month. Who's with me?

-We may have had a lot of rain up north here lately...but god damn, I have seen sunshine, major rain, thunder and lightning, and now northern lights all in the span of 5 days. How sweet is that? Awww you city peeps can't see the northern lights, hey?