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O Brothers Where Art Thou? (Rant Alert)

Harry How

It's pretty bad when the only goals scored by the Canucks through 2 games in this series so far are by Ryan Kesler (2) and Raffi Torres (1). Yea that's right I said Raffi Torres because he scored the only Canucks goal in game 1 and Kevin Bieksa got credit for it. Roberto Luongo is the Canucks' best player of the series so far with (now, anyway) Ryan Kesler a somewhat close 2nd. Kesler was a beast in game 2 after a dismal (sick) game 1, and he and Luongo almost pulled off the win themselves, in a sense. Yea, Kesler and Luongo. Where the hell is everybody else?

I can tell you! They are either being checked closely by the Sharks' stifling / physical defence, having their shots blocked, or being stopped by Anttii Niemi. But make no mistake, Niemi has not been the savior of the series. He is reaping the benefits of the Sharks' play in front of him. It's Luongo who is giving the Canucks a chance to win a game in these playoffs but his buddies in front of him are not helping out. Luongo. So stay the hell off his back. He's doing everything he can. He has played better than Niemi. Shut up.

Let's take a look at the basic Canucks stats so far:

 photo canucksstatsmay3_zpsa36ac44e.jpg

It's ugly. Derek Roy looks like a non-factor. Chris Higgins who? Mason Raymond does spinaroonies and then gets knocked off the puck. Maxim Lapierre yaps but achieves nothing. All of the defencemen...contribute nothing offensively, have their moments of defensive prowess, especially on the PK, but are still prone to dumb-assed mistakes 5 on 5. And yes, I am pointing mostly at you, Alexander Edler. You had better have a decent excuse for this fail of a year you are having. I was hoping you'd turn it around in the playoffs and be that dominant defenceman that you once were...but I have lost all faith in you. Especially after that bone-headed play in overtime tonight where you pinched in, shot the puck into a Shark defender's legs and got caught up ice for the winning goal. BONEHEAD! Maybe you were motivated by a potential raise in recent years and now that you have your money you SUCK. I would prefer to believe your back is not 100% and it is hindering you.

So who have I left out? Purposely the Brothers Sedin. Sure, they had a few more chances (that they could not convert on) in game 2. Remember that 2 on 1 in OT? Stopped by Niemi after Hank (GASP!) decided to shoot and not pass to his brother. There was this play also:

Yes, they assisted on Ryan Kesler's power play goal in game 2 to earn their first points of the 2013 playoffs. Not good enough.

The Canucks' power play is still dangerous after being futile for a large part of the season. I will give the Sedins credit for a lot of that. But 5 on 5? Where the hell are these guys?

I can tell you! They are getting stomped by the Sharks. San Jose is not letting them run their cycle game along the boards, which is their trademark. Kudos to the Sharks, because the Sedins raped them in the 2011 Playoffs and SJ have adjusted. I just don't fucking care. Why? Because the Sedins are getting paid top dollar to be the star players to lead us to glory. The Sedins are being given all the ice time (20:00 per game on average) to get the job done. They are not getting the job done. I don't care if they are smaller and the Sharks are checking them tight. Persevere, brothers! The Sharks' top players are getting it done and you boys are getting outplayed. Simple as that.

My biggest griefs from game 2 where this:

-Jannik Hansen missed the open net with just over a minute to play when the Sharks had their goaltender pulled for the extra attacker.

-Alain Vigneault had the Sedins out there with a minute left to play with the score 2-1.

 photo av_zpsf3a15e12.jpg

-With about 1:00 left on the clock, Hank had the puck in the corner, with a bonafide chance to dump the puck out of the zone and what does he do? He passes it up to the middle to an (I assure you) unsuspecting Canuck player instead and what happens?

Yea THAT happens. The video footage does not show the origin of that madness. The origin of that was Hank passing it up the middle to an unsuspecting Canuck player who gets knocked off the puck immediately. The result? The Sharks kept the play alive in the Canucks' zone and scored, as you saw above. Oh, and how about Dank's baseball slide along the boards to try stop Dan Boyle just inside the blueline? Beauty...not. Why the fuck were the Sedins out there that late in the game when clearly Alain Vigneault was just trying to get his players to preserve the lead? Save that shit for Maxim Lapierre or Jannik Hansen or ANYBODY not named Sedin.

Infuriating. This never should have gone to overtime.


I am rightfully piling on the Sedins...let me give you a few stats:

Daniel Sedin: 2 goals and 11 points in the month of APRIL (12 games). 1 goal and 2 assists in his last 6 games. 19 shots in his last 6 games, by the way.

Henrik Sedin: 2 goals and 14 points in 12 games in April. No goals and 4 assists in his last 7 games.

So in the last 7 games the Sedins combined have ONE piddly goal.

This is unacceptable from the Sedins. Our star players. I see a general lack of finger pointing in their direction. I mean, hey, they are nice guys and let's blame Lou, or Higgins, Edler, or anybody not named Sedin, right?

Fuck that!

I am calling out the Sedins right now. I don't care who is shadowing you. I don't want to hear some bullshit answers in front of the god damned media about how the team has to be better. How about YOU TWO be better. After all, one of you wears a "C" on your damned jersey and the other wears an "A". Lead the damned charge!

I would dump on Alexandre Burrows right now but I won't. The Sedins make players better, right Anson Carter and Trent Klatt? Even so..something is wrong with Mr. Everything. I blame women and children.

So Dank and are now about to enter hell (the Tank in San Jose). For the love of God, would you please give Kesler and Luongo some support? If not....happy golfing after the Sharks beat your asses 4 straight.