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May 24 Weekend Open Thread: What Celebrities Have You Met?

We need a spot for off topic, or even random hockey banter. Saturday is a big day for hockey, as the Bruins and Red Wings (hells yes) try to finish off their foes. I hope the Sharks can push a Game 7 on Sunday.

It appears that Nucks Misconduct member Nathaniel Perlow came across an attractive celebrity recently. Lucky dog. It got me many celebrities have I met? Well, no Hollywood celebrities. I could have met Liam Neeson If I was frequenting the local bars when The Grey was shooting here. But no. I do regret that.

The only celebrities I have met are hockey players. They would be: Dave Babych (twice), Bryan Trottier, Ken Morrow, and Pavol Demitra. It was ironic to meet Demo of all people because I always slagged him when he was a Canuck. However, the previous night he did this:

Easy pass to KABOOM Salo, but it was a good time. Now that he has passed on, I am glad that I had that brief encounter with Demitra and his son. R.I.P.

So let's hear it: What celebrities have you met? Any you want to meet? Of course there is! I hear Salma Hayek has a great personality!

Jewel I have always had a crush on. But I love her music and lyrics on her first few albums. Her background in Alaska is intriguing.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!