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Morning Buzz: Bitter and some!

Hey everyone. So put your hands up if you thought last night was a perfect execution of "the plan"? No one? Didn't think so. Fuck, oh well it was just one game right? One where we couldn't score at home, where Lu stands tall and...ah fuck, this is last year all over again, isn't it?

Rich Lam

Morning, everyone. So in case you were wondering what drunk on a Wednesday was like I pretty much had you covered. It was as magical or fun as you may expect it to be either, especially when the Canucks lose. Look, if I'm gonna power drink they at least need to show up so I can go home in a good mood. Seems like a fair trade. Anyways, there's some Canucks stuff, some other guy stuff. Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Playoff fever has hit Vancouver...and everyone has shit their pants, including the Canucks. I once saw Jason Botchford drink an entire gravy boat full of hot gravy. Guy didn't even flinch. He also talks about the Canucks 3-1 lose to the San Jose Sharks last night and how it feels like last year all over again. He isn't wrong.

>> The godfather of shap and the only 224 year old who can score a triple double, Tony Gallagher talks about the teams lackluster performance last night as well. Get used to it, the Canucks lost, almost everything today is going to be like this.

>> Wyatt Arndt who has been moonlighting for an all male roller derby team hands out a report card for the Canucks performance last night.

>> Wanna hear the Canucks Army podcast? Yeah ya do! Thomas Drance is joined by Derek Tanabe of Fear the Fin and Harrison Mooney of Pass it to Bulis.

>> Speaking of Pass it to Bulis, here are a few hits from them. A review of last night's game from Harrison Mooney and a Canucks Sharks playoff preview from Daniel Wagner.

That's all from the Canucks, they lost, but I hope you read all of those articles. Lets see what those other heartless assholes are up to.

The Other Guys:

>> Brad Ference has a stupid haircut and his facial hair grows in a very Joe Dirt like pattern, but that won't save him from speaking with the league today for an elbow he dished out last night against Toronto Maple Leafs center Mikhail Grabovski.

>> Don Cherry can't let go of his women in the dressing room. You know why? Because it's Don Cherry. Fuck Cherry, Cherry sucks.

>> Do you want to see the CBC montage that everyone is blowing out their O ring for? Yeah, of course you do!

>> San Jose Sharks coach Todd (what a goofy fucking name) McLellan said that Logan Couture elevated his game for game 1 of their series against those beautiful bastards in blue the Canucks.

So, I could add some more links to game notes and you probably won't read them, so I'm going to call it a day right here. Go out, enjoy the sunshine, don't worry about being fired for just leaving to enjoy the sun. Thanks for reading!

- Mitch