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Edler Tossed For Kneeing Staal In IIHF QuarterFinal Game

Sweden may have beaten Canada at the IIHF Worlds today, but not without leaving an ugly scar (no sound with the vid, by the way):

Ah man, Alex, that the hell were you thinking? Mike Commodore tweeted today that it was the dirtiest hit he has ever seen. Clearly Commodore 64 has not watched a lot of hockey in his lifetime.

Edler received a major penalty and was tossed from the game. He will probably receive a serious suspension from IIHF play. Or not. I don't know. But he threw his stick in disgust as he left the ice after being ejected.

Eric Staal was Team Canada's captain. Now Canes fans are going to be holding their breath that this injury is not serious.