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Hank Comments On Mike Smith's Antics; Tony G Rants and More

  • Dan Hamhuis and Canada will meet the Sedins, Alex Edler and Sweden in the quarterfinal of the IIHF World Championships on Thursday. The Swedes are apparently having trouble scoring goals. Wow! (Sarcasm alert)

However, the Sedins and Edler, after only one game played for Sweden, bring them hope. All 3 players scored a goal against Nicklas Jensen and Denmark. Both Sedins had an assist as well. They have Stars' Loui Eriksson as a winger, which would be a dream to see in Vancouver. Eriksson had 2 assists with the Twins vs the Danes.

Jensen has 2 goals in 3 games for Denmark, by the way.

A comedic side show of this game is that Mike Smith is playing in goal for Canada. Mike "Sploosh" Smith the Diver, that is. So, Henrik offered some advice to his team in front of the media Wednesday. It hilariously translates from Swedish to English through and online translator:

The tension ahead of the WORLD CUP-kvartsfinalen between Canada and Sweden in Stockholm increased considerably when Vancouver's Henrik Sedin went out and called another NHL star, Phoenix goalie, for film makers.

— "Smith is fucking great, incredibly large and good at playing the puck. However, the films he incredibly much. We must not go at him anything at all. When he falls," said Henrik Sedin after Three Cent 4-2 win against Denmark.

For Sweden it is important to ensure that Smith's light feet do not lead to deportations.

– "He draws on the most expulsions of all over there. I think it's twelve pieces that other team pulled on him. He's out and plays the puck, holding, holding, and so goes there and as soon as you touch him as he falls. We must keep an eye on", Henrik Sedin continued.

That from Smith, by the way, took the high road when asked about Hank's comments.

  • Meanwhile on home soil, The Province's Tony "Gollum" Gallagher took Henrik to task for some of his comments he made before leaving town to head to Stockholm. Here is a taste:

From Henrik’s perspective, what’s not to like?

The twins never have to kill penalties, they get the lion’s share of every power play — no matter how poorly things are going — they start almost every shift in the offensive zone and when things go awry the coach never fingers them publicly.

They’re in the team’s leadership group, which is the management sounding board for any moves they might be planning to make, and the worst blame that ever comes the Sedins’ way is when the coach might say, "Your best players have to be your best players." This is as close as it gets to heaven for an NHL player, so naturally they’d like the country club to be run just as it has been, with perhaps a couple of suggestions for the team chef for next year.

Tony G at his finest. Honestly, I don't quite disagree with what he is saying. But we can tack a lot of other Canucks players for that "country club" living.

It's a solid rant by Vancouver's grumpiest mainstream media writer. I enjoyed it actually. Check it out. But hey, in this instance, I sort of beat Tony to the punch. I was already ragging on them after Game 2 vs the Sharks. Whatever. I expect a better Sedin effort next season.

  • Jason Botchford wrote an article Wednesday about possible Roberto Luongo trade options, and who he thinks the Canucks may or may not buy out this off-season. Of course, Keith Ballard and David Booth are the top 2 candidates, but Botch makes excellent points about why we may see Booth in a Canucks jersey next season. Check it out.
  • The Province's Jim Jamieson pointed out Wednesday that with the NHL's salary cap going down by about $6 million in 2013-14, there may be a lot of General Managers throwing offer sheets at restricted free agents. Like Chris Tanev, for example, who deserves a substantial raise from his soon-to-be expired $900,000 contract. Given Tanev's super slick and composed play, he will probably go close to / over double that. If another team tosses an offer sheet Tanev's way and the Canucks do not match, they would probably get a second rounder as compensation, depending on the money offered. More of Jamieson's thoughts here.


  • Raffi Torres will have an in-person meeting with NHL disciplinarians on Thursday for this hit on Jarred Stoll:
  • For fucks sakes. Clearly he's going for the shoulder to shoulder there, and to me it looks like that was the principle point of contact. Torres has changed his game this season and let up on guys a lot. It's unfortunate this accident happened. By the way, I love how after Torres makes contact that a "Bulldog" (wrestling move) occurs as a final result. Pin him, Raffi! Pin him! 1, 2, 3, DING DING DING!

    Stoll will not play in Game 2.