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Hockey / OT Open Thread: What Are You Watching?

What a sad loss for the Islanders tonight as the Penguins eliminated them from the playoffs in the 6th game. A super effort from the unlikely squad outta Long Island. Now I can only hope that the Leafs can extend the series against the Bruins, because I am running out of teams to give a shit about.

Off topic, what TV shows are you watching lately? I am stuck on Game Of Thrones season 3. For some reason, I am not liking it as much as the first two seasons. I guess it's the big lull before the serious action right now. When I hit the sack, I plug in Archer, which was recommended to me by a co-worker. I love it. Into season 3 right now. The episode after the Burt Reynolds appearance. (Classic, by the way!)

Anyway, rainy weekend up here in Northern BC. Took my oldest son to the pool this afternoon. I usually swear those things off, but my son likes it. All of a sudden everyone is quickly asked to leave the pool. Out comes a guy with a net, fishing turds out of the shallow end of the pool. I swear, it wasn't my son! They did ask me to check his diaper though. Strange.

Anyway, I found the next Canucks coach!

This is pretty damned funny: