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Morning Buzz: So the seasons over, big whoop! Wanna fight about it?

The times they are a changin, or so they say. Lets all hit the reset button here and pretend like shit didn't hit the fan and cover the entire Vancouver locker room with what can only be described as fresh shit.

Christian Petersen

Morning, everyone. Hope you're out in the sun or getting day drunk somewhere, if not well then you're doing life wrong, or right, I'm not sure at this point. We have a little Canucks news, a little news from those other bastards that are still playing hockey and for today and today only I will dress up as a clown and surprise children at school. If I don't make it back tell the world my story.

Canucks News:

>> A bridge too far for Alain Vigneault, or a milt without a lozenge, I don't know, but either way Gallagher talks about the coach and how this is it for him. Good read.

>> If you listened to or watched yesterdays end of the year press conference with Mike Gillis you probably noticed two things. One, Jason Botchford brought it yesterday, I'd go as far as to say he was the only one who made that presser interesting. Two, Mike Gillis said the words "landscape" and "reset" more times than I care to count, but what's one more as he vows to re-set the Canucks for next season.

>> Also from Botch is how the questionable goalie calls may have cost the team the season.

>> A couple of hits from the bearded brothers from entirely different mothers. J Bowman, or Bowman the Red wonders what now for Canucks fans and they're also really excited about the Legion of Blogcast featuring Eddie Lack.

>> Jordan Clarke has the Canucks week in quips over at Canucks Army and it's a good one.

>> A few more hits from the fella's at Canucks Army - Thomas Drance talks about Mike Gillis not wanting to make decisions hastily or based on emotion and the Canucks Army podcast, episode 5 is up as well. Still from the CA guys, Jeff Angus dissects yet another disappointing finish by the Canucks.

>> Daniel Wagner from Pass it to Bulis lists off 20 replacements the Canucks could hire should the Canucks fire their current coach. What's his name? Milt something? Shit, I don't know anymore.

That's all from the Canucks side of things this morning. We'll see what happens in the coming days, but it's going to be a long couple of months. I guess the plus side is that there isn't going to be a lockout this year, right? Ah fuck, who am I kidding, this sucks. Lets see what those other assholes are up to.

The Other Guys:

>> How about the Ottawa Senators? Those motherfuckers...anyways, things are going from fucking great to doing back flips for them as Jason Spezza is nearing a return to the lineup.

>> Speaking of players making their return, or at least getting ready to, it looks like Carlo Colaiacovo could make his return to the Detroit Red Wings lineup tonight.

>> Weird, three in a row on injuries though this one isn't someone returning as Nashville Predators forward Colin Wilson has had shoulder surgery and is expected to miss 4-6 months.

>> Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and John Tavares are your Hart Trophy finalists. Don't like that Jonathan Toews wasn't a finalist? Shut the fuck up, everyone else is. We get it, he's the heart and soul of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Anyways, that's enough out of me. Go out and enjoy the sun or do your job or whatever you had planned today. Thanks for reading!

- Mitch