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Time To Walk The Walk - Canucks vs Sharks Game 1 Thread

Canucks and Sharks face off in Game 1 of their 1st round matchup in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Ezra Shaw

TSN, 7:30pm PDT

Rival territories: Fear The Fin, Battle of California

Series record: 0-0

So, here we are, finally, at our first game of the playoffs.

To be completely honest, I feel this will be a very tough post-season. Although they are still fairly good this season, and have retained the core of the team from the 2011 run, the Canucks have a lot to prove. It's not an easy path to the Cup, and even the hottest teams of the regular season can easily crash before that elusive 16th win. The closer we get to it this season, the harder it will become

The Canucks may still be a dominant team in the West right now, but all our opponents will also be incredibly strong. Take the Sharks, for example. They have also been a perennial playoff team for the last several seasons, yet still hasn't gotten to the Cup Finals yet. Add in the fact that their team is in a similar position to ours, and I don't think this will be a cakewalk. I could see this series easily going to 7 games.

Time to walk the walk. Coconuts go!