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Video Highlights: Canucks 2 Coyotes 0

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That was about as boring as I thought it would be, even with the Canucks putting 41 shots at Mike Smith, who I thought was terrific. But one that is very clear now...the return of Ryan Kesler and the addition of Derek Roy makes the Canucks lethal.

Of course, as I had predicted, there would be some talk about conspiracy theories in regards to the Coyotes being Gary Bettman's team. And...Tony Gallagher had this to offer before his old crinkly ass went to bed tonight:

You might have wondered why the team that had the puck fully 80% of the time got fewer power power play opportunities than the team that was chasing all night?

You might have asked why fans continue to pretend there is no agenda to be served while watching the officials find a way to disallow two Vancouver goals that would have put Phoenix out of the game had they been allowed to stand late in the second period? They may have made the right calls in fact, but you know the replays were examined not by saying 'is this a goal or not,' but rather 'how can we find the right way to disallow this one?'

Read more on that here, because Tony didn't stop there.

Anyways, the Canucks are smokin' and playing playoff-type hockey right now. These are good times!

Oh, and thank you Antoine Vermette. May as well put a Canucks jersey on the guy for scoring the insurance goal.