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Canucks vs Flames Gamethread

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Canucks host the Flames.

Rich Lam

CBC, 7:00 pm PDT

Rival territory: Matchsticks And Gasoline

Sorry for the tardiness on tonight's gamethread. That's what happens when time management gets screwed over, and no one else is able to help. Oh well. I will warn you though, if it gets busy during the playoffs, I may delay the posting of threads as such.

Anyways, the Canucks host the Flames tonight, and things are looking different on Calgary's front. Most noticeable will be the departures of Jarome Iginla to the Penguins and Jay Bouwmeester to the Blues. Miikka Kiprusoff is still in town, though, after the numerous rumours and talk with the Maple Leafs. If he is on fire tonight, this could be a goalie clinic. If not, we can definitely have some fun destroying Calgary yet again.

Coconuts go!