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Final Canucks Player Stats: 2012-13 Regular Season

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Let's take a look at who did what this shortened season (48 games).


6 Canucks players reached double digits in goals scored: Burrows (13), Daniel Sedin (12), Henrik Sedin (11), Hansen, Raymond and Higgins (10). Edler and Garrison were the highest-scoring defencemen with 8 goals each. Burrows' 13 goals ranked him 71st in the NHL. Yea. Edler and Garrison's 8 goals ranked them tied for 5th in the NHL among defencemen.


Of course Henrik lead the charge here with 34. He was followed by brother Daniel (28) and Derek Roy (21, not all with Van, of course). Dan Hamhuis was 4th with 20 assists. 8 Canucks players had double digits in the assists category. Hank's 34 assists ranked him tied for 7th spot in the NHL with Ryan Getzlaf and Pavel Datsyuk. Hamhuis' 20 assists ranked him tied for 8th in the NHL amongst defencemen.


Henrik led the team with 45 points in 48 games. That is his lowest points per game total since 2008. Of course, he may have done better with a full season. Who knows. Daniel came in 2nd with 40 points, his lowest since 2008 as well, because that's how the brother roll. Derek Roy was a distant 3rd with 28 points, mostly in Dallas, and Jannik Hansen was 4th with 27 points. Hansen's season was his best, as was projected by Dobber Hockey. Hamhuis led the defencemen with 24 points followed by Edler (22) and Jason Garrison (16). Hank's 45 points ranked him 12th in the League while Hamhuis' 24 ranked him in a tie for 9th.


There is some gold here. In order: Henrik (+19), Garrison (+18), Burrows (+15), Daniel and Hansen (+12). Zack Kassian, Andrew Alberts and Dale Weise were the worst on the team, each a -7. Kesler and Edler were each -5. Not shocking with Edler there. Hank's +/- ranked him 9th in the League. Garrison's +18 ranked him in a tie for second best in the NHL amongst defencemen.



Tom Sestito had 65 with the Flyers and Canucks. Shockingly, Burrows was 2nd with 54 PIMs. Burrows' 27 minor penalties tied him with Chris Neil for the most in the NHL. What in the blue hell, Burr?


In order: Edler scored 5, Mason Raymond scored 4, and Dank and Garrison scored 3. Lousy totals and a mostly anemic team PP showed. The Canucks as a team scored 27 power play goals this season.



Only Henrik and Hamhuis registered SH goals this season (1 each).


Daniel led the team with 3 while Hansen, Burrows, Garrison, Schroeder and Weise all had 2 each. 10 other Canucks had 1 each. Spreading the love around.



Chris Tanev with 1. That is all. The Canucks preferred the shootout. Sarcasm.


Burrows had the most at 140, followed closely by Daniel (138) and Edler had 113.



Sestito scored 3 goals on 14 shots for a 21.4% shot percentage. Henrik scored 11 goals on 70 shots for a 15.7% accuracy. Kassian scored 7 goals on 49 shots for a 14.3%.



Edler (23:50), Hamhuis (23:23), Bieksa (21:56), and Garrison (21:41) led the team. A lot more should have gone to Garrison and a lot less given to Edler. Am I right?

Henrik and Daniel naturally had the most ice time for the forwards with 19:20 and 19:01 respectively.

Edler's average ranked him 28th in the NHL.



Yea, Manny Malhotra was a master at this. He had a 65% faceoff winning percentage in 9 games before being put on the shelf. Kesler followed with a 57.4%. Maxim Lapierre won 50.6% of his draws and Hank won 49.4%. Hardly stellar. Very unCanuckian-like. The worst regular centerman was Andrew Ebbett who only won 39.7%.



Lapierre easily led the team with 116, followed by Dale Weise (84) and Edler (77). Not a lot of hits by the team this season.



Well well well, Edler easily led the team with 81. Hammer was second with 63 followed by Chris Tanev (61). Derek Roy was the highest shot-blocking forward with 30. No, the Canucks did not block a lot of shots this season. They were near the League basement in that category, actually. Roberto Luongo has made it known that he prefers that defenders get out of the way so that he can see the shots. Not sure how Cory Schneider feels about that.

As a comparison, the Rangers' Dan Girardi led the NHL with 125 blocked shots.


MISSED SHOTS has Garrison leading the team with 61 missed shots, followed by Edler (47) and Hamhuis (43). What I hate about this stat category is that players intentionally miss the net as a set play on power plays.



In order: Hamhuis (31), Edler (26), Garrison and Roy (24), Bieksa (23), Daniel Sedin (21). Who counts these stats?



Higgins led the team with 36. (Beast) I hate this stat category too. What do they define as a takeaway? Higgins had way more than that.



A graphic:

 photo canucksgoaliesstats_zps921fc303.jpg

Schneider's 2.11 goals against average ranked him 8th in the NHL with goalies that played over 10 games.

His .927 save percentage ranked him 5th in the NHL.

His 5 shutouts tied him for 1st with Jimmy Howard and Tuuka Rask.

Where was the gold this year? In the goaltending.


Want some advanced stats? Fuhgedabouddit! OK, fine, here ya go.

Bring on the playoffs, where all the stats I have just provided can become a distant memory. I expect improvements in all the major categories except the goaltending. That's what makes the playoffs so damned fun to watch! More physicality! More violence! More blood! More passion!