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2013 NM Fantasy Playoff Players Competition Sign-Up

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Looking to participate in our players competition? Well, head into this story, read up on the rules, then post your 14-player roster in the comments! You have until puck drop for the first game on Tuesday April 30th to sign up.

Time to win it!
Time to win it!
Justin Sullivan

The regular season is over, the 1st round matchups are decided, and it's time to sign up for the 2013 Nucks Misconduct Fantasy Playoffs Players Competitions!

Signing up for this competition is fairly straightforward, just go into the comments at the bottom of this thread and post your 14-player roster. The following format is highly recommended, since it will help ensure that your team meets all the requirements:

Player1 (team) - (# of total regular season points) [example: Daniel Sedin (VAN) - 40]


Player14 (team) - (# points) (D) ("D" denotes a defensive player, make sure you point them out somehow.)

Total points: ___ (total # of points between 14 players)

I've seen people ignore putting in parts of this format in past years, and they got disqualified for breaking rules and not fixing them in time. If you follow this format completely, it’s easier to make sure rules aren’t broken, and therefore easier to avoid disqualification. Here are the rules you must make sure you're following:

  • You must have at least 3 defensive players on your team.
  • You are allowed a maximum of 2 players per playoff team.
  • Your 14 players must have their combined regular season points add to a maximum of 450 points. You're allowed to be at exactly 450, or can be anywhere below it, but 451 and higher is not allowed.
  • If you select a player that was traded mid-season, their total regular season points include what was earned with both teams they played with. For example, Derek Roy was traded to Vancouver from Dallas, so he has a total of 28 regular season points (22 in Dallas, 6 in Vancouver).
  • Selecting players that are currently injured is allowed, providing that they have played some of the regular season games and are expected to return for the playoffs. However, make sure you consider the risk of them not helping you out at all.

Starting immediately, you may now go into the comments and post your roster. Be sure to check back after you've posted your selection, since I will point out any rule-breaking that needs to be fixed. Deadline for posting selections and/or making any corrections will be at puck drop of the first playoff game on Tuesday April 30th. If I have to point out any rule-breaking, and it doesn't get fixed by the start of that first game, I will disqualify you.

Good luck.