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2013 NM Fantasy Playoffs Brackets Competition Sign-Up Post

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Time to post your predictions for the 2013 Nucks Misconduct Fantasy Playoffs Brackets Competition! Following the provided format, simply put your entry into the comments of this thread before the puck drop for the first playoff game on Tuesday April 30th!

Time to win it all!
Time to win it all!
Justin Sullivan

The regular season has ended, the 1st round matchups have been decided, and it's time to sign up for the brackets competition!

In the comments thread below is where you should all post your predictions. For simplicity's sake, please use the following format:

Conference Quarter-Finals

"WestA" (team name) in # (number of games it will take) [Ex: Canucks in 6]

WestB in #


EastD in #

Conference Semi-Finals

West1 in #

West2 in #

East1 in #

East2 in #

Conference Finals

WestChamp in #

EastChamp in #

Stanley Cup Finals

CupChamp in #

I appreciate spacing between the selections for each round, but full-on explanations of your choices are not necessary.

Here is an overview of the point scheme:

  • 1st round will give 2 points for each correct winning team, and 1 bonus point for also calling the number of games. For example, should the Canucks beat the Sharks in 6 games, a "Canucks in 6" prediction is worth 3 points, "Canucks in 5" is worth 2 points, and "Sharks in 6" is worth nothing.
  • 2nd round will give 3 points for each correct winning team, and 1 bonus point for also calling the number of games.
  • 3rd round will give 4 points for each correct winning team, and 2 bonus points for calling the number of games.
  • Finally, the Cup round will give 6 points for the correct winning team, and 3 bonus points for the number of games.

With the seeding methods the NHL uses to format the playoff matchups, there is often a conflict in predictions when the 2nd round matchups are formed. Consider the 2nd round predictions of "Ducks in 6" and "Canucks in 5":

  • Should both teams make the 2nd round, and not play each other, then both predictions can still earn points. It will not matter if the opponents are different than expected, just as long as the teams you selected win their matchups.
  • Should there be a matchup where you did not select either team to win, you will not get any points from that matchup.
  • Should both teams end up facing each other in the 2nd round, the prediction for the winning team will overrule. For example, should the Ducks beat the Canucks in 5 games (heaven forbid), the "Ducks in 6" prediction will be used for awarding points.

Starting immediately, you have until puck drop of the first playoff game on Tuesday April 30th to post your predictions below. No changes are allowed after that point. Good luck.