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Canucks Will Play San Jose In Round 1

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Harry How

Finally, we have our answer. The San Jose Sharks lost to the Los Angeles Kings tonight and will face the Vancouver Canucks in round 1 of the 2013 NHL Playoffs.

The last time the Canucks and Sharks met in the playoffs, this happened:

Good times!

The Sharks will have revenge on their minds, no doubt. This will be a physical series. There is no love here. The Sharks have won their last 5 straight games against Vancouver, but the playoffs are a new animal. Regular season stats be damned!

Now, the rival SBN blog, Fear The Fin, is already running their mouths, saying:

Because while the Canucks and Blues are both legitimate Cup contenders, a Vancouver team featuring a banged-up defense, poor special teams and a weaker possession game and even-strength offense than previous seasons (not to mention a goalie who just gave up seven goals to the Oilers, has been mired in manufactured controversy all season and will likely be thrust back into the starting role for Game 1 with Cory Schneider reportedly more injured than many are letting on) is decidedly the more favorable matchup for San Jose. The Sharks got what they wanted, now it's a matter of execution.

Ugh. Well, as misinformed as some of that their defence, you have to read the whole post to get some more respect from them. As the post winds down, the writer calls this a coin toss and I 100% agree. Go over there and shit talk those damned Shark fans! But please, be civil. Don't troll. Let's have some damned fun, ok?

We will have a lot of previews for this series coming up.