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Canucks Brunch- Just Get It Over With

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Game 48. Time flies when you're over/under-reacting about your hockey team, doesn't it? It should be a hectic day across the league as there's still seedings to be settled, the final Western spots to be locked down and most importantly to folks in these parts, the Canucks first round opponent to be decided. Unfortunately we still have one more game to go, and it's against the team some thought would be battling us for the division crown. And by some, I mean idiots.

Glad you're back, Kevin.  You know what to do...
Glad you're back, Kevin. You know what to do...
Rich Lam

The Vancouver Canucks are in Edmonton tonight to take on the Edmonton Oilers, and you have to think that after the giant turd they served up the other night against Anaheim, the Oilers are in for a good ol' fashioned shellacking. The Oilers were full value in their spoiler role last night, flat out embarrassing Minnesota in front of their home crowd in a 6-1 asskicking. Credit to the Wild's super awesome fans for one-upping the team, embarrassing themselves by booing Josh Harding for letting in goals 4, 5 and 6, and giving him the Bronx cheer when he did make saves. It's nice to know where the line is for tolerance in Minnesota, right? A team that's missed the dance the last 4 years doesn't care that you're battling MS, Harding! You suck! Disgraceful. This team deserves nothing less than to tumble out of the playoffs today. Colorado, do the right thing here.

Sorry for getting sidetracked there, back to the matters at hand. Roberto Luongo gets the start tonight, and I am quite sure we'll see a better defensive effort in front of him than we did Thursday, and getting Kevin Bieksa back in the lineup will definitely help that. The Canucks have had a couple real stinkers against the Oilers this year, but I did like the way they responded in the last meeting after that game previous that my doctor thinks isn't really healthy for me to keep talking about.

They'll also have a fired up Ryan Kesler tonight, and as we all know, Surly Kesler gets things done. Kes was well, pissed, at the team's efforts on Thursday and rightfully so. You can bet he will be out to send a message tonight, along with the rest of the team and lay the boots to an Oilers team that flew in from Minny last night after a huge win. It all seems to point to a Canucks victory, let's hope they don't sit back and really nail these punks. Edmonton may be back as contenders one day, but tonight is a good time to remind them that they aren't even close yet.

Then there's the matter of who the Canucks will play in round 1. It's a shame the Oilers were so good last night, because it killed the possibility of a 1st round meeting with the Wild. That would have been the ideal opponent for the Canucks, and a nice way to send those jerks packing to Division III next year. Just seeing Mike Russo's OTT histrionics through the series would be gold indeed. But the Wild suck and are on the way out, so it sets up a huge game tonight between the LA Kings and San Jose Sharks. Winner gets St Louis, the loser gets the Canucks. There are many who are wetting their pants about another meeting with the Kings, but when you look at the way the Canucks played LA this year, as opposed to their matches with the Sharks, I am far more confident about them being the ones to make the Kings one and done chumps than I am them beating Joe Thornton and his rag-tag pack of douchebags.

I still have my doubts this team is gonna recreate a run like they had in 2011. They will go into it healthy for the most part (that of course hinges on Cory Schneider being ready to go next week), and with far less pressure than they've faced over the last couple years. Maybe not being considered favorites will work for these guys? They definitely weren't happy the way they went out last year, though we've not seen it in their play this year. Granted, they have had more than their fair share of injuries, so it's not exactly been easy for them either. We'll get to find out what this team is made of next week for sure.


Going oldschool today, as we revisit the title track from Metallica's second album 'Ride The Lightning'. This one is live from their tour with Ozzy in '86, God, they were just so damn lethal back then. Shame to see them a mere shell of their former selves now. Enjoy the game, everyone.