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No Spoilers Available Here - Canucks @ Oilers Gamethread

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Edmonton humiliated Minnesota last night, keeping the Wild from clinching a playoff spot by scorching them 6-1. Hopefully they used up all their firepower, especially with the Canucks coming into town with nothing on the line.

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CBC, 7:00pm PDT

Rival territory: The Copper & Blue

No matter how the NHL may fix the schedule, the playoff schedule is never final until the fat lady sings. This year, the Eastern Conference has the teams locked up already, with only the matchups to determine. Out West, it's a little more complicated. Minnesota had a chance to clinch a playoff spot last night, but the Oilers whipped them 6-1 instead. Now, it's a 3-team race tonight as Minnesota, Detroit and Columbus all fight over those last 2 spots in the West.

As for the Canucks, it's a little more straightforward tonight, as we have absolutely nothing on the line. The only outside game that has any relevance to us is the Sharks and Kings: whoever loses that game will face us in the 1st round. Minnesota could've interfered with that, but the Oilers made it so that the Wild could not finish 6th. It turns out, however, that the Blues could still interfere: if they lose to the Blackhawks in regulation, and SJ wins in OT, St Louis would drop to 6th. Of course, that scenario is a bit more complicated, which is why it's much less likely to happen.

So, in our little world, the Canucks finish the season against the Oilers. Vancouver has another division title, while Edmonton is playing spoilers. Now, if the Canucks had anything extra special to worry about tonight, I'd be worried about the Oilers destroying us like they did to Minny. However, we just want to start the playoffs on a strong and healthy note, and Edmonton may have used up all their firepower last night. Plus, we already had a crappy game against Anaheim the other night, our playoff position is locked up, and it's rumoured that 5 of our best players are resting tonight, so it's not like you're spoiling our hopes and dreams.

Have fun on the golf course, Edmonton, we don't plan on joining you anytime soon. Coconuts go!