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Canucks Brunch- Thank You

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With their positions written in stone, the Canucks find themselves in a bit of a deja-vu situation again tonight. Much like the Monday night tilt against Chicago, neither team is going up or down in the standings. I do admit that I was wrong about how that one would turn out, as the Canucks played what was very likely their best game this season, the Blackhawks admitting it was their worst. So what will we see tonight in what is very likely the last home game for the best goaltender this team has ever seen?

Thank you, Lu
Thank you, Lu
Harry How

The news traveled as so much news does in this social media age. Disbelief at first, and a frantic check to see if someone's not just making an ill-timed joke. But while some (ahem, Dan) believe that this may just be the Canucks giving Cory Schneider some rest, it's certainly been a bizarre season when it comes to, well, unexplainable injuries, so much so that Tony Gallagher hammered out an article that tries to sleuth out an answer for this run of bizarre boo-boos. Funny, when I think of Tony G, I always picture him as the one muttering something about meddling kids at the end rather than the one trying to solve the case, but I digress. What it has done is allowed something that's actually pretty important: a final (regular season at least) home game for Roberto Luongo.

He's been a multiple award nominee, taken the titles of most wins and shutouts by a Canucks goaltender. He took over from a faltering Martin Brodeur and made some huge stops to help lead his nation to Olympic hockey gold in Rogers Arena. And he lead the team to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Anyone who would dispute his position as the best goaltender this team's ever had is wrong. It's not subjective. It's not open to discussion. It's fact. His home record is 136-53-26 with 24 shutouts. I don't care if you're #TeamCory (which by the way, ranks as one of the lower moments from a fan base that's had more than their share of embarrassing public statements), Roberto Luongo helped to make this team better than it's ever been. Period.

So whether this injury for Schneider really is something that requires him to take some time off (which with the postseason around the corner isn't so bad, given the Canucks' situation) or it's just rest for rest sakes, I am thrilled to see the Canucks faithful given an opportunity to thank the man we all know simply as Luuuuuuuu. It was never a very easy ride, but show me a goaltender who doesn't have their ups and downs. They're an anomaly, at best. Goalies have bad games. Sure, Luongo had his stinkers. When he was bad, it was often spectacularly so. But when he was good, he was something else. So if you're going to tonight's game, please don't treat it like a library. Every time that man makes a save, let him know how much these 7 years have meant to us. Think about the past, and how he helped bring this team back to respectability. Be loud, be proud and blow the roof off the joint tonight.

One note: one thing we won't get to see tonight is Teemu Selanne, as he's been given the night off by the Ducks. Normally I would say this is a shame, given his age that it might be the last chance to see him, but who are we kidding? Selanne's gonna play forever.

Poached Eggs and toast

This is gonna be a hell of a night for hockey, as a lot of playoff fates can be decided. The Rangers are looking to lock up a playoff spot, battling the Flyers in a desperate hope to hold off the 9th place Winnipeg Jets, who take on the Montreal Canadiens. Montreal, with a win and a Boston loss against Tampa Bay can take over first in the Northeast Division. I think that one will go down to the wire. Ottawa is also looking to punch their ticket, and can do that with a win over the Washington Capitals. In the West, Dallas looks to keep their slim hopes alive against a Columbus team that's also cling to slim hopes. They'll likely need some help from the Nashville Predators, who take on the Detroit Red Wings tonight if the Blue Jackets hope to make the postseason for just the 2nd time in team history. One thing to remember, there's still a chance for the Minnesota Wild to tumble out of the playoffs in the next couple days, so fingers crossed, eh?


Very excited to hear then news that Swedish death-thrashers Carnal Forge are returning to the scene after a fairly length absence. So I am gonna dedicate these two to Frankie Corrado, who apparently is a serious 'banger. I get the feeling he'd dig these two tracks...