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Schneider Injured? Listed As Day To Day, Cannata Recalled From Chicago

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Ever had a horrible nightmare, and then you see something happen in real life that happened in that dream? Freaks you out, right? Yeah, well that's happening right now. So all of you who laughed when the Canucks didn't trade away Luongo at the deadline, there was one reason why some of us were glad.

Rich Lam

It's kind of bizarre really. Another Canuck going down with an injury shortly after a game, no apparent incident during the game where you can see definitively where he might have been hurt. But you better get ready for the latest round of Canucks Goalie Controversy as Roberto Luongo draws back in against Anaheim Thursday. Cory Schneider is being listed as day to day with an undisclosed injury, and the Canucks have recalled Joe Cannata to back him up.

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Is it time to panic? No. Regardless of what you say, he is still Roberto Luongo. Look at it this way, some type of trade happened, we'd be relying on a goaltender who hasn't been to the Stanley Cup Finals, and won Olympic Gold. He may not have been our best goalie this year, but he's been far from terrible. Either way, it's totally not a shock this has happened, and fits how I feel about this team. Either they go out early (which will be pinned on Lu, when it most likely will not be his fault) or Schneider misses the playoffs entirely, and Luongo goes on some incredulous run, leading the Canucks to the promised land. No middle ground. This team doesn't do middle ground. Everything's either amazing or a disaster. Just another day in Canuckville...