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Morning Buzz: Stop making Frankie goes to Hollywood references! Canucks beat Hawks

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Dare I say that the Canucks played an entire 60 minute game last night? Yes, I do dare. Perfect on the PK, a power play goal and a win. People were hitting, shooting and for once it looked fan-fucking-tastic. Oh yeah, Frank Corrado made his NHL debut for the Canucks last night. You can all stop with the fucking Frankie goes to Hollywood references.


Morning, folks. I trust you are well. Sorry this is going up a little late, I just had to remove a six foot sign from the front of my soon to be old job. Anyways, enough about me, the Canucks won, Corrado played well and apparently Duncan Keith is a fucking asshole? Sure, lets roll with that.

Canucks News:

>> Jason Botchford talks about last night's game, and how its time to bring on the playoffs. I couldn't agree more, for someone who was as down on the prospect of playoffs this year as I was, I will gladly eat some crow as I anticipate the playoffs. Botch also with some quality shap on the Canucks Hat Trick AND the Nightly Provies.

>> A couple of hits from those fine fella's at the Legion of Blog. One from J Bowman where Duncan Keith is compared to a part of the male anatomy, I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with dick. Also, Wyatt Arndt may not be a Street Fighter II champ, but he has a summary on all things Canucks - Duncan Keith is a douche, Luongo apologies to Kesler and the Canucks win another Northwest Division title.

>> Tony Gallagher with some quality stuff where he uses the word inspiring and best game of the year and means it!

>> Ed Willies looks a little like Elvis Costello and apparently doesn't understand the meaning of "hey, I'll get this round, you get the next one?" but he does know a thing or two about hockey, calls the Hawks the pick of the litter but the Canucks' glimmer is brightening.

>> A couple of hits from Canucks Army, one from Patrick Johnston, whose beer league team beat mine to advance to the next round of the ASHL playoffs,congrats to you guys, but Patrick asks the question is Duncan Keith is sexiest, or just a jerk. Also Thomas Drance with a game review where he says the Canucks Pulverize the Blackhawks.

>> The folks over at Pass it to Bulis with a couple of pieces, a review from last night's game from Harrison Mooney as well as a piece on the comments Duncan Keith made to a female reporter after his teams loss last night.

That's all from the Canucks this morning, I'm sure something awesome will happen the second I hit post and I'll be to busy to update. So, lets see what those other assholes are up to.

The Other Guys:

>> Is there a better time to send a message to a player than when you have two games left and you've been eliminated from the playoffs? Apparently not as the New Jersey Devils will make Adam Henrique a healthy scratch for his poor play as of late.

>> When it rains it pours, or is it to late to use that? Anyways, Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen is done with a broken foot.

>> TJ Oshie has goofy fucking name, but he's back skating with the St. Louis Blues just one week after ankle surgery.

>> The Winnipeg Jets are in the thick of the push for the playoffs right now, but things could be going much better. The team lost Ollie Jokinen for the foreseeable future recently and today they've announced that Kyle Wellwood, the hot dog eating champ of the GTA 2008-2009 is done for the season.

That's all from me and those other assholes this morning. Thanks for reading, everyone, enjoy your days and make sure if you hold a latter for someone that you shake it just a little...keep em on their toes.

- Mitch