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Game On: Fine Then, Let's Get This Over With

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I can't recall when a game between these two teams meant less? Both teams have playoff spots locked up, and while there's some incentive to win (The Hawks can clinch the Presidents' Trophy, and the Canucks the NW Division title), both teams are likely more interested in making sure they get out of this one relatively unscathed. If you're looking for a message game, or some notion of revenge you are going to be disappointed.

One last thing: This guy? Human filth.
One last thing: This guy? Human filth.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

Sure, it's fun to play against the Hawks, and some of their fans are pretty decent. This rivalry has developed into one of a begrudging respect for many fans on both sides, an uneasy peace that was nearly destroyed when Duncan Keith went full douchebag on Daniel Sedin last year. I would expect we won't see anything similar this time around, though. While there are some who are still howling for revenge, the time to address Keith's cowardice has come and gone. I would actually be a tad disappointed if any Canuck player's focus is on this tonight. Get the point you need to clinch the division and home ice. And for the love of dog, don't do anything stupid that would get a team already struggling with injuries further punished via suspension. If you see an opportunity for a clean hit on Keith, fine, take it. But this should be an after thought. There are bigger things to deal with, and Chicago's magical season will be over soon regardless.

Chris Higgins is back tonight, and Frank Corrado makes his NHL debut., so there's plenty of positives to focus on, rather than hoping for some sort of raging war tonight. I've seen the standard 'Vancouver Canucks fans are awful and here's why' posts today. Yawnsville. New material is needed, guys and gals. Sadly, you likely won't get that tonight, either.

Enjoy the game, folks, and before I forget...