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Derek Roy Stats, Video and More!

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A lousy power play? Derek Roy to the rescue! Lack of goals for? Derek Roy! Lack of depth at center? Derek f'ing Roy!

Ed. Note: I originally screwed up as this was an Oilers / Canucks preview post. It is no longer that as the Canucks-Oilers game is on THURDAY, NOT TOMORROW. My bad. Throw stones at me. I don't care. Game preview post will go up tomorrow night.


A lousy power play? Derek Roy to the rescue!

Lack of goals for? Derek Roy!

Lack of depth at center? Derek f*cking Roy, motherf*ckers!

Sure his stats have dipped a little, but 4 goals and 22 points in 30 games with his new/old team the Dallas Stars is not bad at all. And to think that when Ryan Kesler comes back in the next several days, Roy will slot down to the 3rd line with god knows who. Whoever it is, he makes players around him better. He makes the Canucks much deeper at center and it's a god damn beautiful thing. I'm stoked. Are you? I have always been a fan of Roy.

Let's see what others around the MSM and blogosphere are saying about this beautiful turn of events.

The other part to this trade concerns Vigneault, who’s clearly been lobbying for some help with his lineup. At their best in 2010-2011, the Canucks played an uptempo, pressure game that was both entertaining and lethal in its effectiveness.

For obvious reasons, they haven’t been able to play that game this season but with Roy and Kesler they now have the personnel to step on the gas pedal.

That’s where Vigneault comes in. It’s not easy. With 13 games left in the regular season, the Canucks have to change their game again. But they don’t have a lot of choice in the matter because they aren’t going anywhere the way they are playing.

Gillis realized that. Now it’s up to Vigneault to make it work.

-Ed Willies, The Province.

Having landed the centre they’ve needed to get their team to think attack — instead of cowering in fear and hoping to score a goal or two — the Vancouver Canucks now pursue a quality forward they hope will play with Ryan Kesler.

According to assistant GM Laurence Gilman, Roy slots in as a third line centre playing with Chris Higgins and Jannik Hansen and Kesler will centre the second line when he returns with Mason Raymond (if he’s still here) and one would presume either Zack Kassian or new winger.

-Tony "Gollum" Gallagher, The Province

"We’re still trying a few other things," said Vancouver Canucks assistant GM Laurence Gilman.

"We’re not done. We’re trying to win the Cup. Our time is now."

"I liked a lot of things about the Derek Roy trade," explained the Mike Gillis today. "I like the fact he's a winner and an MVP at the Memorial Cup (2003). I like his points per game average. I like his playmaking ability and the opportunity to add another layer of offence.

"(We will be) more flexible in the next 24 hours," said Gillis in regards to trading Roberto Luongo for something other than a bonafide center.

"It gives us more flexibility. Instead of being really focused on that one piece, we can now look at other areas that we’d like to strengthen. We can look at other possibilities and maybe three-way deals. Something along those lines."

"I've seen a lot of him," Chris Higgins said of Roy. "He's a real savvy player with the puck and he makes some really smart passes out there. He likes to win pucks in the corner and he's good around the net so he'll be a great addition for us."

After watching the last 15 years

I am done. I just cant. This team sucks. Our GM sucks and our coach sucks. This team will blow for the next 2 years at least. Poor Kari.


Roy was coasting around the ice last night with only the occasional burst of effort. He really is pretty quick when he wants to be, to bad he doesn’t give 100% all the time – his line would be much more dangerous.

Oderint Dum Metuant


I read a lot of comments like this online.

When he was just traded. Buffalo fans were as excited as most of us will be. I read about his lack of effort from fans who were stoked to get rid of him…

I was like, "Nah, he WANTS to come here. He will be a better player here."


-Commenters at Defending Big D.

Derek coming back from a shoulder surgery that he rehabbed hard during the lockout, he had some injuries early on and never really found his footing, but when he did, he was a very effective player for us. I thought he played a two-way game. He was probably underrated defensively and ended up being our highest plus-minus guy to this point and almost on a point per game pace. There was a lot of good things that Derek had in his game and I think he’s a player that will help Vancouver and we were able to get a good young player in Kevin and a second-round pick for him.

-Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk at a press conference today.


  • Roy had a team-low 46.7% face off winning percentage in Dallas. That sucks because he took more faceoffs than any other Stars player.
  • Roy had a team best +3.
  • 6 of Roy's 22 points came on the power play. One of them shorthanded.
  • 15 of Roy's points came on home ice.
  • Roy's 22 assists led the Dallas team.
  • His points per game average (.73) were 4th on the team behind Benn, Whitney and Jagr.
  • Roy was averaging just under 19:00 per game in Dallas. He will receive less here.
  • Roy averaged 1:40 of shorthanded minutes per game and 2:48 of power play time per game.
  • Roy had 4 goals and 17 points in the 15 games the Stars won this season.
  • He had no goals and 5 points in 15 games the Stars lost this season.
  • 15 of his points came in 17 home games.
  • 7 of his points came in 13 road games.
  • Roy had 11 points in 13 games in March.
  • Roy's best statistical day this season is Sundays, where he has 1 goal and 5 points in 4 games.
  • Roy had 1 assist in 2 games vs Vancouver this season.
  • Roy has 1 goal and 5 assists in his last 5 games.
  • It appears Roy will wear #15. He wore #11 in Dallas but he can't do that here. Only Mark Messier can!
  • Derek Roy on Twitter.


How the trade went down:

Good times at the Roy summer house:

Roy sinks the Leafs in OT:

Woa! Sick goal alert!

A Derek trick:

Hopefully Roy can bring back some of THIS magic:

MOAR Roy highlights:

Let's see what else Mike Gillis has up his sleeve tomorrow. Another top 6 forward? Is Luongo gone?