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Morning Buzz: Canucks fall to Sharks, trade for Roy #BoldMoves

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The Canucks may have looked like shit in their loss to the San Jose Sharks last night, but they finally got in the game and made a bold move of their own by acquiring Derek Roy.

Thearon W. Henderson

Good morning, everyone. Sorry for the lateness of this, but with the trade and my boss coming into town today I've been a little busy. The Canucks stunk it up in the tank and lost to the Sharks, but hey, at least they made a move this morning and picked up Derek Roy from the Dallas Stars. All that and more, lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Well, right off the top the Canucks acquire Derek Roy from the Dallas Stars for a 2nd round pick and one time blue chip prospect Kevin Connauton. According to the god father of shap, iit puts the Canucks into contention in the West.

>> Also on the Roy trade, Wyatt Arndt or the Artist Formerly known as...Well, Wyatt has some Derek Roy notes and video clips and even a crudely done photoshop of Roy in a Canucks jersey.

>> I can't wait until the Nightly Provies are after wins, those are always the best. Kuz again with a recap of last nights shit show. Also, can I have my fucking power glove back?

>> One more from the G man, the Canucks Hat Trick where Ryan Kesler goes to a concert instead of watching his team mates get boot-fucked.

>> One more little thing on the Derek Roy trade form the man voted 387th most sexy man in the world.

>> A little more on the Roy trade from the Canucks Army guys. Also from Jason Gregor is a piece with Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock. Dimitri Filipovic has a recap and chance data from last night as well.

That's all for the Canucks this AM. Lets get a look at what those other assholes are up to.

The Other Guys:

>> It's not official yet and who knows what the Pittsburgh Penguins have planned, but for now it looks like the Dallas Stars are sending Jaromir Jagr off to the Boston Bruins in exchange for a pick and a couple of prospects.

>> The Carolina Hurricanes and the Tampa Bay Lightning also made a trade. Carolina sent Adam Hall (who they picked up off of waivers from Tampa) and a 7th round draft pick to the Lightning for M.A Bergeron. Then, Tampa went and put Hall back on waivers.

>> Don't look now, but a quality UFA to be, puck moving defensemen could be on the market after talks between the New York Islanders and captain Mark Streit have stalled.

>> Newly acquired Penguin Brenden Morrow said he wanted to be a Star for life. Look, fella, if they weren't going to let Mike Modano finish it out as a Star what the hell did you think your chances were? Caman.

>> Dave Bolland is injured and not a single fuck is given.

That's all for this morning. Could be an exciting day, or it could have all just happened and nothing else happens until tomorrow. Who the hell knows, but until then thanks for reading. Have a good one!

- Mitch