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So Close But Still So Far - Canucks @ Stars Gamethread

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As the Canucks face Dallas tonight, Vancouver gets closer to clinching a playoff spot.


SNet Pacific, 5:30pm PDT

Rival territory: Defending Big D

As some of you may have read today, beating Dallas tonight would secure our playoff spot. I hate to be a debbie-downer, but a win tonight is not quite enough.

Detroit dropped back into 9th last night, and have 47 points in 43 games, which means that they can still reach 57 points by the end of the season. The Canucks are sitting at 55 points with 5 games left, so beating Dallas alone will not be enough. Even if we get 1 more win, Detroit could still catch us at the 57-point mark for the last day of the season, and their ROW will likely be made higher than ours by all those wins.

What's the point of this? Here it is: a win against Dallas tonight will certainly help, but will not officially clinch the playoff spot. It will certainly get them out of the way, at least. Detroit is the team that's being a pest. Don't fret too much, though: we host them on Saturday, and can certainly clinch then.

Anyways, back to tonight. Canucks visit the Stars. Coconuts go!

UPDATE: Just as this was posting, Derek Jory of tweeted me saying that Detroit does NOT stand in the way of clinching tonight.

Tonight's gamethread title comes from the movie Enchanted:

So Close - Jon McLaughlin (Enchanted OST - High Quality) (via chinoyray)