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Canucks To Play Senators In Outdoor Game Next Season

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According to TSN's Darren Dreger, the NHL is planning to add 5 more outdoor games to the schedule next season on top of the already scheduled Maple Leafs - Red Wings game at Michigan University's Big House. There is still paperwork to be done before these extra games are finalized.

A couple thoughts on this:

  • Is this a massive compensation for the Lockout From Hell?
  • Doesn't this kind of kill the novelty of the whole idea? I mean, YAY the Canucks get an outdoor game, but making fans wait for this kind of thing builds more anticipation. Having this many games is like giving a kid a shitload of presents before it's even Christmas.
  • Canucks-Senators? There's no rivalry there! Why not the Oilers or Flames? KAMAANNN
  • Besides all that, I look forward to the Canucks playing the Senators at BC Place. My evil side hopes it pisses rain just to see what would happen next. Puddles all over the ice? It would be comedic.
  • The Canucks-Sens game is slated for March 2, I believe.
  • Here are the proposed games / venues (hat tip to Kent Basky for providing the image in the game thread):

 photo nhloutdoor_zps179b5c61.jpg