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A Chance At A Statistical Elimination - Canucks @ Avalanche Gamethread

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Canucks visit the Avalanche, and have the chance to statistically eliminate Colorado from playoff contention.

Doug Pensinger

Snet Pacific, 12:00pm PDT

Rival territory: Mile High Hockey

At this time of year, it is fun to make a mockery of our rivals, especially when they're not projected to make the playoffs. The Canucks pulled off a last-5-minutes win against Calgary yesterday, leaving the Flames looking even more at elimination. Now the Canucks are in Denver, where they face the Avalanche in a matinee.

For Colorado, the buzzer is ringing. They are currently sitting at 32 points in 41 games. If they go all wins in the last 7 games, they would finish at 46 points. After last night's action, Detroit sits in 8th with 45 points. This means that, with a Vancouver regulation win today, Colorado will be officially eliminated from playoff contention. (The Bettman OT point will screw things over.) Yes, SportsClubStats is already counting them out, but it's so much funner to give the final blow ourselves.

Time to put them to sleep. Coconuts go!