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Friday Night Open Thread

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By popular demand, I guess. It's actually not a bad idea for us to have a place to chat as we head into the home stretch of the season, what with a number of playoff races going on.

Happy belated birthday, Alex Burrows!
Happy belated birthday, Alex Burrows!
Derek Leung

It's great that the banged-up Canucks were able to get a couple days rest (and a chance to acclimatize in Denver) before tomorrow's noon (awww, sonofa...) game against the woeful Avalanche. Lots to talk about in the meantime, as in the East, Ottawa has gotten Milan Michalek back in the lineup and are up 2-0 on New Jersey. The other 5 games are in the West and all have some playoff implications. St Louis and Columbus are tied 1-1 in the 2nd, Dallas is up 1-0 on Nashville in the 1st, Chicago and Detroit are about to face off in a possible first round matchup and Phoenix continues it's playoff push against the Flames in Calgary.

Something else to discuss: Did the NHL and Brendan Shanahan blow it again by not taking a look at Edmonton's Taylor Hall and his 2 hand slash last night on Zbynek Michalek?

Fire away, ladies and gents.