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Higgins & Tanev Update; More Canucks News / Thoughts

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Derek Leung

Alain Vigneault told the media today that Chris Higgins only has a mild strain on his knee. He should be ready in a couple of weeks. AV also said that Chris Tanev (foot) remains out indefinitely, while Mike Gillis told the Sun:

"We think he'll be back fairly soon as well."

I like Gillis' crystal ball a whole lot better.

Lots of good reads at the MSM today. The Province was talking about how Ryan Kesler, being the north-south player who likes to shoot a lot, needs a playmaker on his line, which is why he and David Booth were not a good match. While it would be sweet to see Kesler play with an obvious playmaker like Derek Roy, he currently has a big guy named Zack Kassian passing him the puck. Yes, it would be sweet to see the Kassassin get a longer look on line 2. I like Derek Roy playing in the bottom 6, because he really makes all those guys play better given his skills.

Why oh why did Jannik Hansen miss the final half of the 3rd period against Calgary? That is a well-kept secret. Or not (hat tip to jezz for pointing this out):
Brad Ziemer ‏@BradZiemer 10h
Vigneault says Hansen is fine. Didn’t play late in third last night because “I thought some other guys were playing better.” #Canucks
Wow, how unusual is that to hear the coach say that about Hansen? Ah well, better benched than injured.
According to the shift chart, Dale Weise didn't play the second half of the final frame either. Tom Sestito only played one shift in the third, but I think we know why that is.

The season is winding down and the the Canucks' power play still sucks. Sure, they bagged one late in the 3rd against a quitting Calgary, but that's almost irrelevant. Why is it that once again Jason Garrison finds himself off the top power play unit? Because Alain Vigneault wants Daniel Sedin there. Do I like that? Nope. The way Alexander Edler fails to shoot quickly or at all makes me not want to see him on the top pairing. Garrison shoots without question. He has a cannon that he wants to use.

Cory Schneider is feeling better today (flu) and has several days to recover before next game (Saturday vs Colorado). But it's always entertaining watching some Joe outta school be the team backup when the goalie can't even suit up, like Dustin Butler did vs the Flames. Here is a video showing a bit of the story of how it was Butler who got the phone call, and how the team hazed him:

Great stuff.

OK, I have a question to ask. Given the current standings, and assuming the Canucks will finish 3rd in the West (or possibly 2nd), which team would you prefer to see them play in round 1 and say why in the comments section.

OT: What the hell? A hungry and friendly moose got into Safeway in Smithers on Wednesday. It was chowing down on the plants in the floral section. It was tranquilized by the local C.O's and had a bad case of the ticks, as you can see in the picture. Here is the video of it on YouTube:

The moose on the loose died hours later from the ticks and malnourishment.