Open Thread for the Weekend

It has been a few weeks since we have had one of these and we have 2 whole days off between games. WTF is up with that?

I am not sure what to put for this OT thread so how about a rousing game of Would You Rather?

1.Die and go to the worst place imaginable and all your loved ones lived OR Sacrifice your friends and family, sending them to the worst place imaginable but you live forever and have 3 awesome superpowers? Save my friends and family

2. Morning Sex OR before bed sex? BOTH

3. Lose all 5 senses once a week for 1-5 hours (random) OR lose one sense every week for the whole week? All 5 senses for a few hours

4. Have your entire family read your internet history (you cannot delete anything) OR be secretly filmed while home alone and it is seen by your co-workers Internet history I guess

5. Go on vacation to Asia OR Africa? BOTH but Africa first to see the animals (and I have lived in Asia)

I will keep the questions to that so the post can go up faster :) Feel free to ask your own :)

PS- soooooooooo my dunk/high neighbor just pounded on my door looking for some guy, (I think? she was slurring) then called me a liar when I said she had the wrong apartment. She is now in the hallway talking to herself loudly....Love living in the hood!

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