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I've Got A Jar Of Dirt - Canucks @ Blue Jackets Gamethread

Canucks need to snap out of their bad string of poor play, as they visit the Blue Jackets.

Justin K. Aller

SNet Pacific, 4:00pm PST

Rival territory: The Cannon

Canucks have not been playing well lately. Let's face it, even that strong game against LA was a hiccup in our current trend. The Canucks could really use...... hmm, what could I say instead of "bounce back", which has been overused..... a good "snap out of it" game. Yeah, that will work.

Anyways, there's no time like the present, since the Canucks are in Ohio, visiting the Blue Jackets. Columbus has not been doing well so far this season, with 12 regulation losses in 23 games, putting them at the bottom of the league. They are also sitting at a -16 goal differential. Of course, this means nothing when the Canucks are playing, as our franchise has shown many times the last couple years.

Let's snap back into a good frame of playing. Coconuts go!!!

This gamethread's title inspiration comes from Pirates Of The Caribbean:

Captain Jack Sparrow - I've got a jar of dirt (via shomi666)