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Do They Have Laser Beams On Top Of Their Heads? - Canucks vs Sharks Gamethread

After a loss in Calgary, the Canucks return home to face the Sharks.

Rich Lam

SNet Pacific, 7:00pm PST

Rival territories: Fear The Fin, Battle of California

Well, the night started strong in Calgary, but then we fell apart. That's been happening a little too much lately. Seriously, Shorthouse was saying that Roberto Luongo was seeing "shades of Detroit" during that 3rd period. Come on, is that really the new meme now?

Anyways, the Canucks have returned home, and face the Sharks tonight. We have only seen the Sharks once this season, in a 4-1 loss back in January. Since then, they have crashed harder than Dr. Evil's world domination plans. 2 wins and 4 OT/SO losses in 12 games. Yikes. Not only that, but they have been letting in twice as many goals as they are scoring. They started off March on a strong note though, winning 2-1 against Nashville.

Let's blast these shark puppies. Coconuts go!

Tonight's gamethread inspiration is provided by the Austin Powers trilogy:

Sharks With Freaking Laser Beams Attached To Their Heads (via MrFrostyForever)

Let's not forget when Dr. Evil's dream comes true:

Austin Powers - Sharks with lasers (via Lida Liberopoulou)