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Morning Buzz: Shark attack! Or something as creative

Is that headline awesome or what? If you said "what" then you're right. It's nothing to write home about. Canucks are at home to face off against those Bastards from San Jose.

Tom Szczerbowski

Good morning, everyone. Finally back to the Morning Buzz after a little time away. Head is cleared and I'm ready to go. No, it wasn't a concussion, I was just bleeding from the ears, throwing up all the time and spinning around in circles high-fiving myself for the past few days. No biggie. Canucks take on the Sharks tonight, a bunch of other shit is likely happening around the league, so lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> I feel like this is a fantastic lead off hit for the Buzz this morning. Wyatt "These pantyhose won't fit! I'm way smaller than that!" Arndt shared a link on the Legion of Blog called Fun with Videos: Claude Julien Remarks About Diving. If you're a Bruins fan without a sense of humor this video is definitely for you. Remember: Read the article too, don't just watch the video.

>> Daniel Wagner from Pass it to Bulis with a great piece on Chris Tanev's promotion coming at the cost of Keith Ballard.

>> Do the Canucks have the consistency of Jello instant pudding? I don't know, I just thought it was a funny lead in for this link, that's all. But Brad Ziemer, the man with the invisible mustache says that Mike Gillis is concerned about his teams lack of consistency.

>> From Canucks Army this is probably my favorite Graphic Comment ever here from the one and only Petbugs.

>> Also from Canucks Army, Thomas Drance has An Extraordinarily Silly Zack Kassian Gallery.

>> Want some more Keith Ballard drama? Fuck, I KNOW you do! Here you go.

That's all for the Canucks so far this morning apparently. I know there will be some stuff say around Noon. So I'll edit this accordingly and re-pump the link. Lets see what those other bastards are up to.

The Other Guys:

>> David Bolland is in tonight against the Minnesota Wild. The Chicago Blackhawks center missed five guys with not a concussion. They sure take care of their guys heads over there. Top notch stuff, guys. If you're not bleeding from the ears and high-fiving yourself than you can play.

>> Are the Nashville Underwood's Predators the new kings of the waiver wire? Apparently so. Yesterday they picked up Bobby Butler from the New Jersey Devils and today made a claim for Zach Boychuk from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

>> When you think of Roman Hamrlik I bet the first thing that doesn't come to your mind is that he was drafted first overall in 1992. When you think 1992 you think "Fuck, I'm old". Yeah. Me too. Anyways, the Washington Capitals have placed Hamrlik on waivers. He is in the second year of a two-year deal worth $7 million dollars. Your moved Predators.

>> Columbus Bluejackets defenseman Jack Johnson is back in the lineup tonight after missing four games with an upper-body injury. Is there interest from the Penguins as well? Fuck, who knows. In fact, I think of this when I hear that Pittsburgh is interested in the services of Jack Johnson.

>> For anyone who had hoped their team would trade for Florida Panthers center Stephen Weiss you can go have a good deep sob into a fluffy pillow because he's done for the reason and expected have surgery on his wrist.

I think that's all today. Remember, if something happens, I'll edit accordingly, if you have a problem with that then watch this.

Thanks for reading!

- Mitch