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A Disappointing Division Rival - Canucks @ Oilers Gamethread

Canucks visit the Oilers tonight.

Burrows will school you!
Burrows will school you!
Dale MacMillan

CBC, 7:00pm PDT

Rival territory: Copper And Blue

This bombing-and-catching-up thing is disappointing me. The Canucks have now won 6 straight games, and amazingly get to hang on to the NW lead for an extra night as Minnesota isn't playing. I was hoping for a more spectacular drop and fight back into a playoff spot, but Vancouver got their butts in gear more quickly than expected.

Of course, part of the crazyness in dropping in the standings could have been more eventful if the other members of our division actually won some games. Take tonight's opponent, the Oilers, as an example. When we first lost the division title to Minnesota, Edmonton was only 7 points behind us, although at the bottom of the Western Conference glut. Now the Oilers have climbed to 11th, but are now 11 points behind us. They are only 3 points out of a playoff spot, so they can still cause trouble.

Let's hope CBC doesn't love the young Oilers too much. Coconuts go!