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When The Coast Meets The Mountains - Canucks vs Avalanche Gamethread

Canucks host the Avalanche for the 2nd time in a few days.

That would be SOB messing with Burr.
That would be SOB messing with Burr.
Doug Pensinger

SNet Pacific, 7:00pm PDT

Rival territory: Mile High Hockey

That was a very quiet night on Tuesday. Vancouver and Columbus needed a shootout to get a single goal let in, and the Canucks managed to pick up the 1-0 win. Cory Schneider picked up his 5th straight win, and that has once again got the media rumbling about Roberto Luongo facing the end of his days on the coast. The Canucks had the division lead again for another 24 hours, with Minnesota taking it back after a 4-3 shootout win against Phoenix last night.

Tonight, the coast meets the mountains, with the Canucks hosting the Avalanche. Colorado has not done well lately. After Jean Sebastien Giguere flipped out at the media after their loss to the Stars on Saturday night, they ended up losing to Vancouver 3-2 the next night. They got a 3-day break before visiting Calgary last night, where they lost 5-2 and had Matt Duchene flip out at the media post-game. If they expect to reach the playoffs, they have little time left to make it happen.

Both teams are hungry. Coconuts go!