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Open Thread: Oh Just Watchin' Hockey and OMG POTENTIAL TRADE ALERT!!!

It's Wednesday night so I figured that it would be good to put up an open thread...

Is this the last we see of Iginla as a Flame?
Is this the last we see of Iginla as a Flame?
Rich Lam

You know, so that we can all hang out and talk about tonight's games. That, and the fact that it's just been announced that Jarome Iginla is a healthy scratch for tonight's game against the Colorado Avalanche. So now the entire league awaits. The Flames fans to see if the face of their franchise is being sent away. The potential teams he could be sent to, their fans will want to see if they're getting one of the best players of this era. The rest of us? We just wanna see how badly Jay Feaster screws this up. What? We do love our Flamenfreude around here. Between this, and the announcement that Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is piecing together what he calls 'forensic proof' that Pittsburgh Penguins reformed scumbag Matt Cooke intentionally hurt the Sens' Erik Karlsson in that nasty skate cut incident. Check out the #CSIOttawa hashtag on twitter for much hilarity...