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Canucks Power Rankings Via The MSM: March 26, 2013

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Outlet Rank Last Week What They're Saying
13 16

In his last 11 starts, G Roberto Luongo has an .892 save percentage (Cory Schneider has a .927 SV% over that period). If that doesn't reverse, it should be easy to decide on a starter for the postseason -- it will be the guy everyone expected coming into the season.

Ed. note: What the fuck is this shit?

11 Are they starting to find their mojo again? The Canucks just finished off a perfect road trip and have won four games in a row while Cory Schneider has turned it up. Now can they keep it up?
8 13 Four wins in a row, all with Cory Schneider in goal, for a Canucks team that has turned around a season going south. The contenders are back, but they can still use a No. 3 center.
7 17

The Canucks aren’t giving up the Northwest lead to the Wild that easily. The Canucks' 3-2 victory over the Avalanche on Sunday expanded their winning streak to four games and kept Vancouver ahead in the standings by two points. Even if it’s a little too early to scoreboard watch.

6 15 The bad news is the Canucks desperately need a top-two center to help get them back on track. The good news is Jannik Hansen is excelling with an increased roll. His average of 17:02 of ice time is more than a two minute rise from last season.
10 12

After dropping a 3-1 decision at home to the Wild in a Northwest showdown, the Canucks have won four in a row. After two years of romping through the division, maybe a strong challenger in the Wild will be a blessing.

Ed. Note: I agree!

10 22

Before this current winning streak, the Canucks sucked. Now they are playing super D in front of Cory Schneider and winning. Good God I can smell the Silver up here in Northern BC!

Still a stinky power play though, but they win anyways. PLAN THE PARADE, BITCHES!

29 30

(Edit: No.)

(Edit: FUCK....... NO?)

(Answer: Brendan Morrow. Wait a minute.... FUCK!)

(Edit: Hell yea!)

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