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Afternoon Buzz: Taking on the Beej's

The Canucks are home after a successful road trip that saw them win all three games. Tonight they take on the Columbus Bluejackets and hope to not bore everyone to death.

Victor Decolongon

Hey, everyone. Sorry for the lateness of the Buzz today. Real life and work blah blah, you know the drill. Anyways, this delay allows me to post some more quality links. Don't like it? Take a hike, pal. Anyways, some Canucks news and some stuff from those other assholes, I'm sure. Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> When I read the title I thought this said "Painfully pathetic Canucks GM". I laughed, wrote about it in my journal for a laugh later on tonight and then realized it says "Painfully patient Canucks GM..." and I scratched it out of my journal and still had a chuckle to myself about the possibilities of calling Mike Gillis pathetic. Anyways, Botch with some quality stuff as always.

>> These are actually from yesterday, I may haven even linked them in yesterdays post but even so, it's worth another mention. J Bowman's post game quotes he wishes were real. Wayne's World edition!

>> And why not have a laugh This is what I'm all about, a good laugh. Anyways, the fella's at the Province have a make shift trade center spoof. Pretty good stuff.

>> Want some quality Canucks reading? Of course you do, don't be stupid, why else are you here? Anyways, Thomas Drance from Canucks Army has a few pieces worth reading. One about the bold move that was the Keith Ballard trade. Wondering the Canucks should make a waiver claim for either Kaspers Daugavins or Jussi Jokienen and finally if Jannik Hansen belongs on the power play.

>> Meanwhile over at Pass it to Bulis, Harrison Mooney says he thinks the Canucks should go claim happy on both the aforementioned players.

That's all for the Canucks today, folks. Why don't we take a look at what those other assholes are up to?

The Other Guys:

>> The two horse race in the East got a little more interesting over the last week when the Pittsburgh Penguins decided to add a couple veteran pieces to their forwards and defensive corps. Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli says that his team plans on doing the same thing.

>> Speaking of the Penguins, newly acquired winger Brendan Morrow will make his debut with his new team tonight.

>> As I mentioned in the Canucks news, Carolina Hurricanes forward Jussi Jokinen has been placed on waivers. I would be surprised if he wasn't claimed by someone, probably the Islanders. Safe bet is the Islanders. If he isn't claimed then you can spray fart on my pal Joel's dinner tomorrow.

>> The pancake man Dustin Penner took a shot at former Bruins goalie Tim Thomas over Twitter. It's hilarious, you should look at it here. I want pancakes.

>> And to finish things off lets end it with the impossible. Erik Karlsson coming back to play this season. While he didn't say no, he probably should have.

That's all from me today, folks! Enjoy your day, the weather or the cold dark basement from which you read these grammatically flawed posts. Either way, have a good one and thanks for reading!

- Mitch