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Jarome Iginla Hates The Vancouver Canucks

Surprise butt sex
Surprise butt sex
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It's getting close to the trade deadline and the rumor mill is hot right now. There are rumors, and then there are TSN guys who have legit sources, like TSN's Darren Dreger. Mr. Dreger's sources have told him today that the mighty Jarome Iginla has given the Calgary Flames a list of 4 teams that he will accept a trade to:

The Pittsburgh Penguins (barf). Oh and it looks as though Brendan Morrow will soon be on his way to Pitts.

The Los Angeles Kings. We hate them. They hate us.

The Chicago Blackhawks. Wow. I can feel your anger.

and finally, the Boston Bruins. Your failure is complete!

Imagine if he went to Boston and Brad Marchand came to Calgary? Wouldn't that be fun? How about Shawn Thornton? How about both?

Sure, I can see it being that Jarome wants to go to a team that has the best chance to win the Stanley Cup. But then he should have chosen Vancouver. What the hell is he thinking?

That he hates the Vancouver Canucks and he'd rather have a lifetime of painful diarrhea than play here.

In all seriousness though, Jarome, we hate you too. You play for the Calgary Flames. But I think I can speak for many Canucks fans when I say: you're a classy guy who deserves better than the Flames and a shot at winning the prize. Best of luck to you.