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Canucks Brunch- Out Of My Way

Low event, shmoe event. That was a gritty road game yesterday which saw the Canucks play 60 minutes of sticking to a game plan, keeping their discipline against a team that's been able to get under their skin in the past, and do what they needed to win. And while Dan & Sean think we won't see a similar game tonight against the Avs, looking at their shots blocked totals doesn't fill me with confidence for that prediction.

You're up, buddy.  Let's keep this going...
You're up, buddy. Let's keep this going...
Rich Lam

We all love games like the one against Nashville, where the Canucks are flying all night and goals come by the bucketful. With a team this banged up (and suspended), you're just not gonna get that, sadly. And that's why the Canucks need to play more games like they did yesterday against LA. Holding the Chumps to just 20 shots on goal, and making them work just to get that measly amount was awesome to see. Also awesome? Sportsnet's subtle but effective showcasing of just how often the Kings were whining to the officials. The video evidence of the Kings being exactly what they profess to hate was hysterical yesterday, between Dustin Brown and Justin Williams near constant attempts to 'draw penalties', and Mike Richards and Drew Doughty yapping to the officials after every whistle. Nothing like destroying your own narrative, idiots. While the opposition isn't quite as good as yesterday afternoon, the Canucks should be wary, and keep the pedal to the floor tonight in Denver.

On paper, the Avalanche should be better than this, right? They have some good young forwards in Gabriel Landeskog, Ryan O'Reilly, PA Parenteau, Matt Duchene and Paul Stastny, some veteran guys like Milan Hejduk and everyone's favorite grumpy alcoholic defenceman, Roxy Superstar Shane O'Brien. But with word that Landeskog may be out tonight with a leg injury, and Milan Hejduk also listed as day to day it's not looking good for the Avalanche to move out of the basement tonight.

Just how much has this divisional rivalry changed over the years? There was a time where a game against the Avalanche was pretty much a chalk mark in the loss column for the Canucks. That fearsome lineup of Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Adam 'Giant Douchebag' Foote, Patrick Roy and others used to toy with the 90's Canucks like the Oilers did with them in the 80's. But that was then and this is now. A now where the Canucks are 16-0-2 in their last 18 against Colorado, the last regulation win coming Oct 3, 2009. Ownership and management have certainly whittled away the soul of this once-proud organization, now on the path to become Islanders West.

How bad is it now in Denver? Well, Avs reporter and legend in his own mind Adrian Dater just came out with a 'I'll never admit it publicly, but the Avs should totally tank it for Seth Jones' article. Ouch. And let's face it, tanking isn't necessarily a quick fix either (see Oilers, Edmonton). For a franchise that has Stanley Cup banners hanging in the rafters, they're now starting to look more like a dream than anything else, as management and ownership keep salaries near the cap floor.

Oatmeal with blueberries...

The big news this morning is that the Tampa Bay Lightning have fired Guy Boucher in the most non-shocking story of the season. 14th place for a team up against the cap ceiling that was built to win? That's a firing. Some are pinning blame on Steve Yzerman, and rightfully so. A good goaltender might have made all the difference for them this season, knowhutimean? Trade deadline's a couple weeks away... In the meantime, speculation around who will replace the man who brought us 'Derp-face' ranges from their AHL coach Jon Cooper, to recently canned ex Sabres coach Lindy Ruff. And a pox on Greg Wyshynski for uttering the name of a certain former New Jersey/Minnesota coach, even if in jest... The best part about last night's win? Ironic Kings tweets... A prediction for you: Want to see a nation turn on one of their hockey heroes? Just watch when Calgary trades Jarome Iginla to Boston. The knives will come out big time. And that screaming sound you heard last night? Probably a bunch of Bruins prospects waking up from a nightmare they've been traded to the Flames... And finally shame on Fox Sports Detroit, not for firing colour commentator and NHL Hall Of Famer Larry Murphy, but for deleting the comments of fans who disagreed with the termination on their website. Brutal...


Denver-based thrash monsters Havok provide the tunes today, with a doubleshot from their last album 'Time Is Up'. Have a listen to 'Out Of My Way' and 'Covering Fire'.