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Alexander Edler Suspended 2 Games

You all laughed when you saw that Brendan Shanahan was calling Alex Edler on the carpet for his collision with Phoenix goalie Mike Smith last night. Still laughing?

Mike Smith trolls the league.  Again.
Mike Smith trolls the league. Again.
Christian Petersen

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I said as soon as this hearing was announced I thought they'd give him 3 games. I was close. 2 games is the suspension handed down. It's gone beyond mind-boggling now into the territory of sad resignation. When it seems obvious, you will see the exact opposite of what you believe the person should get. In the same day we've seen Shanahan explain Rick Nash didn't get suspended because he didn't target the head, yet we're being told in this video that Edler did. You do of course see that the primary contact Edler makes is his hand against Smith's chest. Watch the video and see for yourself.

No word yet on whether there will be an appeal, and while they're extremely rare I do believe Canucks GM Mike Gillis may as well go ahead and blast off on the league while he's at it, too. As we said in other threads, Smith went out to play the puck and gave Edler no option whatsoever given the speed he was pursuing the puck, and you can see him shift his body somewhat towards the glass to try as much as he can to slip by Smith and get after the puck. I believe Smith went out of his way to initiate contact, and sold the hit.