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Canucks Power Rankings Via The MSM: March 19, 2013

Strangely, some of these mainstream media sites have the Canucks moving up in the rankings. Inconceivable!

Outlet Rank Last Week What They're Saying
16 17 Two regulation wins in the last 11 games leaves questions about what is wrong with the Canucks, but the answer should be pretty simple -- their goaltending has been mediocre (.907 SV%) and they aren't getting nearly enough scoring from players not named Sedin, which of course ties closely to Ryan Kesler's injury woes.

A big matchup looms Monday night against the Wild. It seems that for the first time in what feels like ages, they will have to fight their division rivals for the crown.

Edit: Faces were palmed Monday night. It was like, Palm Monday.

13 13 Hard to get a handle on the talented Canucks, who have somehow managed to win just three of their past 10 games. What looked early on to be a cakewalk in the Northwest has turned into a question of whether they can hang onto a playoff berth.
17 15

Alex Burrows scored the quickest goal in franchise history (6 seconds), but that’d be basically the end of the good times as the Canucks lost to the Red Wings 5-2 on Saturday. Another missed opportunity at a statement win.

- 15 No update yet. Slackers.
12 - You can even create your own power rankings at and see how your list stacks up against the "experts' picks. Mine would not have the Canucks in 12th. No sir.
22 20 How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Answer: The Canucks suck. And you can start nagging that we at NM are starting to sound like CDC, but I don't care. The sky is falling, dammit!
29 30

(Edit: Perhaps)

(Edit: GOOD)

(Edit: LOLWUT)

(Edit: True! Garrison = Bouwmeester and Booth = Jokinen! Oh god!)

(Edit: They would read it, but they are all too busy reading Nucks Misconduct)

You can click on the logos to go to the original Power Rankings page for each site, maybe.