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Play That Funky Music - Canucks vs Blues Gamethread

Canucks host the Blues.

Dilip Vishwanat

TSN, 7:00pm PDT

Rival territory: St Louis Game Time (3 times more bad language than us!!!)

Our situation is getting silly. We are now 3-5-2 in our last 10 games, and even worse beyond that, and yet we are still somehow sitting in a playoff spot. It would still take a couple more losses, coupled with wins by other teams, to drop below 8th in the conference. This shouldn't be a risk the Canucks want to take.

Along comes the Blues. The St Louis team has had a worse goaltending situation than Vancouver has: they have a 3-goalie tandem! When Jaroslav Halak started the season on the injury list, Brian Elliott and Jake Allen shared the starting role. Since Jaro came back, he and Elliott have had their shares of ups and downs, to the point where Allen is quickly accumulating flyer miles between St Louis and Peoria. And everyone thinks that Vancouver's situation is terrible....

Get back on the winning trend, boys. Coconuts go!

Tonight's gamethread title is provided by one of my most favourite songs ever:

Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry (1976) (via djbuddyloveoldschool)