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Canucks Brunch- How Will I Laugh Tomorrow

At least they stuck to the script. Another must win game, another incomplete effort. With the division lead on the line, the Canucks went into sleep mode in the 3rd period last night and let a Minnesota Wild team they'd outplayed for 2 periods walk out of Rogers Arena with 2 points, and sole possession of 1st in the Northwest. And now they face a rested and re-energized St Louis Blues team.

Happier times.  You know, when Ryan Suter wasn't spearing Henrik Sedin.
Happier times. You know, when Ryan Suter wasn't spearing Henrik Sedin.
Rich Lam

I took a lot of flack for expressing how I feel about the current state of this hockey team yesterday. I understand that some don't agree with it, and that's fine, especially when it comes to how to try and fix this mess with just 20 games to go. Last night certainly didn't provide me with any type of hope that things were going to get better. So just what the hell are the Canucks supposed to do if firing the coach isn't the right thing? Normally, I can rationalize a loss where, for the most part the Canucks played better than their opponent and came out on the short end. Last night's game was certainly that. Thanks to a whole lot of poor play, bad bounces and outright lack of effort over the last few weeks, they're not in a position to have these types of games.

Maybe it's time to split up the top line and get something happening? Throw out some different combinations that teams haven't prepared for as a way of trying to get some sense of momentum happening. And while I am not blaming them outright, we need to get back to how things were earlier this season, when our goaltenders actually stole us some points. That needs to start happening or we'll be spending the spring discussing the odds of getting first pick in the draft lottery.

The only thing that's been consistent with the Canucks this season, has been inconsistency. Someone will have a great game, but it always seems to be one player or one line, the rest of the team is quiet or worse. Why is it so damn difficult for this team to string together even one top to bottom 60 minute effort? I hate that I have lost confidence in this team, I really do. Until I see some signs that they're actually trying to effect some type of change, this feeling will remain.

There's 20 games remaining in the season for the Canucks, and they're going to have to play better than .500 hockey just to get into the playoffs. And if that weren't enough, if they started today the Canucks would be opening the first round in Anaheim against the Ducks. Anyone out there confident they could come out on top in a 7 game series? The way they're playing right now, I can't see them winning a game. Fear not, Canucks fans. We know this won't happen. No, in keeping with the hockey gods and their desire to see us suffer, we'll likely see them finish 8th, and be served up on a platter for the Chicago Blackhawks. And won't that be fun?


The inspiration for the title of today's post, a classic from Suicidal Tendencies. They're out on tour right now with DRI (holy old school, right?) so if you're down in the States, keep an eye open for this killer crossover double bill. They also have a new album called '13'. I haven't checked it out, but I might just have to do that.