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Another Divisional Battle? - Canucks vs Wild Gamethread

Canucks face the Wild in another important divisional battle.

Hannah Foslien

SNet Pacific, 7:00pm PDT

Rival territory: Hockey Wilderness

I am starting to get a bad habit of calling losses as they happen. My last gamethread talked about how our 7-4 win against Nashville felt like another possible glitch in the radar, like the 5-2 win against LA followed by the 4-2 loss to Calgary. Sure enough, the Canucks did as expected, losing 5-2 to Detroit. This is getting way too predictable.

Tonight, Vancouver once again faces Minnesota for the division title. It was only last week, that they stole our division lead for a couple nights. Right now, both teams are tied with 32 points apiece, although the Wild have the tiebreaker with 12 ROW to our 10. This becomes yet another crucial divisional game. It only gets worse when you look at the rest of the standings, with Edmonton catching up to everyone.

Make it or break it, boys. Coconuts go!