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Great Things Start From Small Beginnings - Canucks vs Predators Gamethread

Coming off a silver lining from a shootout win in Columbus, the Canucks return home to face the Predators.

This Canuck needs to get off everyone's shitlist.
This Canuck needs to get off everyone's shitlist.
Rich Lam

TSN, 7:00 pm PDT

Rival territory: On The Forecheck

In the last couple gamethreads, I've said a lot that the Canucks need to get their butts in gear. It reached the point, over the weekend, where the Canucks no longer had the Northwest Division lead for a little while. I didn't get to watch the Columbus game the other night, but it was encouraging to see us get back in the win column. Sure, it was a 2-1 shootout win, but small steps in the right direction never hurt. The key is building it into more substantial dominance.

Tonight, the Canucks have returned to Vancouver for a 4-game homestand, which kicks off with a tilt against the Predators. Nashville is in a weird spot this year. I have Pekka Rinne on one of my fantasy hockey teams, and he has been excellent so far. The problem is that the Preds aren't scoring. They are sitting at a whopping 10th in this tight conference, which is rather shocking for such a good team. The West's glut in points sure isn't helping them either.

Let's earn what we've been wanting. Coconuts go!