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Stop Barking And Start Biting - Canucks @ Blue Jackets Gamethread

Having just lost their division title, it's about time the Canucks snap out of their losing funk. They visit Columbus tonight.

The only Canuck who seems to be scoring lately.
The only Canuck who seems to be scoring lately.

SNet Pacific, 4:00 pm PDT

Rival territory: The Cannon

Sure felt like much of a drop in the standings, didn't it? Yes, dropping 3 spots doesn't feel like much, especially with the standings as close as they are this year. Seriously, we are part of a 5-way tie at 28 points, with Minnesota being one of the other teams while also holding our division lead. However, it is a cause for concern. Calgary is currently last in the conference with 22 points, only 6 points behind us. If the Canucks don't find their way again soon, we'll be in serious trouble.

The Canucks return to Columbus today, where the Blue Jackets are working on a 5-game winning streak. Yeah, Columbus, the same team that has only ever made the playoffs once. The same team that relies on Steve Mason and Sergei Bobrovsky in net. The team that still has more losses than wins. They beat us 2-1 last week in overtime, so it's time for the Canucks to pay them back.

Are you gonna bark all day, doggy, or are you gonna bite? Coconuts go!