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Canucks Power Rankings Via The MSM: March 12/2013
Outlet Rank Last Week What They're Saying
17 12 Six losses in the last seven games leaves the Canucks reeling and their power play is a tidy 0-for-20 in the last eight games.
8 It's not time to panic, but the Canucks are just "blah" right now. Their 11 wins are tied for the fewest among playoff teams in the West.
13 7 The Canucks have won only three of their past 12 games (3-5-4), an alarming slide for a team that once again deeply misses Ryan Kesler. The Sedins aren't scoring, the power play stinks. This is a team that needs a trade.
15 6

Vancouver lost the division lead and is now clinging to a playoff spot. Four consecutive losses in a short season can do that.

15 6 Canucks hit a banana peel: slip from No. 6 last week and also slip out of top spot in the Northwest. Rightly or wrongly, Alain Vigneault is back on the hot seat as they’ve lost six of seven.
- 7 Canucks do not crack's top 16.
20 8 Is this the end of the Canucks' dominance of the Northwest Division? Damned straight it is! From here on out it's a downward spiral for this franchise as it leans towards changing the landscape via trades. No more contenders. Doom! Doom! Doom! Get the fuck outta my room!
29 30

Ed. Note: Good times at CDC! Of course, I am just picking out the worst topics but why the hell not? It's funny.

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